Monday, April 06, 2009


Me [on the phone with Emily]: Something happy happened to me today. You know I have issues about how our place looks. Well, remember that flowering cherry tree in front of the house? It's all in bloom and it looks so pretty against the house and this lady actually came by and was taking pictures.
Emily: Did you talk to her?
Me: No. I have a feeling she knocked, but I was back in the laundry room so I didn't hear anything, and when I came back I saw her outside but I didn't talk to her.
Emily: How do you know she wasn't taking pictures just because it was the famous Dorcas Smucker's place?
Me: I'm sure it was just because it was pretty.
Emily: That shows how Mennonite you are, Mom. You'd rather be known for having your place look nice than for being famous.


  1. That tree is gorgeous! I'm not sure why you have issues with how your house looks. Looks great to me!

  2. Kim--I have personal issues involving appearing good vs. more important heart matters, a very Mennonite sort of hangup, not that that's a good excuse, made worse by the fact that zillions of Mennonites drive by our house all the time.

  3. Dorcas, I love that...I live in JC and often walk the alleyways to look at people's "back sides". This is where their REAL face is, not just the side they show to the world (street). I would rather know someone's heart than their can't help them if you can't see the heart.

    I have a flowering cherry in front of my house too and for weeks every spring it a source of beautry and delight. We hand easter eggs from it (well, the easter bunny does anyway) and it blooms lovely white and smells heavenly (why can't they make a shampoo that smells like that?) and then is shows and we have a grand time shaking all the limbs to make is snow It's big enough now to house a tire swing. The cats love to climb it, and it's a wonderfully cool shady place in the summertime.

    In addition, a decade ago, when it was half the age it is now, it was bisected by a falling sequoia...and survived... AND is as beautiful as ever.

    The ttees that grow from the suckers it sends up are pie cherries and HUGE trees,soon there will be an orchard of them around here, because my son won't let me cut them down!

    That tree is a whole book!!

  4. case my typos confused anyone..we HANG eater eggs from it. it SNOWS white...and the TREES that grow from the suckers off its roots are pie cherries....

  5. I'm gonna call it a day..even my corrections have typos...we hang EASTER eggs...(I have to stop, or I'll never be done!)

  6. I like the way your house looks--a covered porch:)And your flowering cherry is beautiful--we have one near our pond and it always makes me feel blessed to see it each spring!
    KaraBeagle--I like your comment and JC is a nice place. We've met some very nice people there.
    Blessings, aimee

  7. Aimee, we have all kinds here, truly. But mostly nice. I have lived here for over 20 years and I cna't think of a better place to live...

  8. So is that where I get my desire for the place to look ship shape all the time? From the Mennonites? Well could be. Hubby and the kids want to go to Florida to Disney World in the Fall. I would sooner put that money toward landscaping the yards! Everybody thinks there's something wrong with me but there isnt. I was just raised mennonite. I know the reason now.

    PS> we've been to DW six times already. I think its time for me to get my way.