Friday, April 24, 2009


I've found that few things make a mom as weepy-happy as someone being nice to your children. Especially your children that are out of your reach.

So when, for example, Rose or Kristy or Cheryl in Colorado invites Emily over for the evening or picks her up on a dark night when she's sick and alone and freaked out, I just about weep with gratitude.

Yesterday was Matt's birthday, and he was up to his ears in classes and activities all day. Would anyone besides his family remember his birthday, I wondered. Not that this is the beginning or end of important things in life, but still.

I talked to him late last night. Had anyone acknowledged his birthday? Well, actually, yes. One of the girls had seen on Facebook that it was his birthday and she made cupcakes and brought them to the Christian Ambassadors meeting.

That made me way-out-of-proportion happy.

So go do a good deed for someone else's big-kid-away-from-home-today, and bless their mom in the process.

Quote of the Day:
"So, it's just a win-win situation."
--Jenny, who says she learned that grown-up phrase from her cousin Jason.

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  1. I remember when our daughter Carolyn (today is her birthday, BTW) was in school 5 hours away and had the first birthday I had to miss. I sent her flowers, but it was also secretaries day and somehow her flowers never got delivered. She had 3 very close friends that got together at lunch time and had cake and a picnic out by the pond and I cried because no matter how hard I had tired to make her day special I had failed through no fault of my own. But someone I didn't even know came through and made it special afer all. She still treasures her pictures of that day and those friends are the ones she still keeps in touch with 6 years later.