Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Happy Spring Day

Today I was driving on Highway 99. To my left was the Coast Range, fading away in shades of blue. To my right were the Cascades, with Mt. Jefferson stark and white above the rest. Between me and the mountains were sheep grazing, lush green fields, flowering trees, and tulips in flower beds. And the sun was shining and the air was balmy and I thought, whoa, this is way more than I deserve.

I didn't deserve the coup I scored at a garage sale, either. Amy and I hit a few local sales today and didn't find much besides baby stuff, which I think put both of us in the mood for her to have a baby, not quite yet of course, until I think it was the very last garage sale. I found a greasy and stained skillet....but there was something about that orange color.... I flipped it over. Yes! A Le Creuset!

I put it on my pile and also found a crock pot for a dollar and a stepstool and other stuff. When I went to pay, the owner put the skillet, a whisk, and a piece of flannel fabric together and suggested 50 cents for the lot. Uh, sure, no problem.

Over on Amazon, that skillet is selling for $134.95.

Cha-ching! I think they say.

A bunch of oven cleaner and elbow grease later, it's looking really good.

I had a vague idea of the skillet's value because last fall when I dropped my sister off at the Minneapolis airport and had a few hours to kill I wandered around the Mall of America, which was almost more than I could handle, especially Nordstrom with its ugly $500 dresses. And then I went into this kitchen store where very snooty sales people looked at me disdainfully, like I had straw in my hair or something, and there I admired the Le Creuset stuff, where a soup pot was over $200.

Yes well. Now we'll see if it actually works.

Quote of the Day:
"A Completely Logical and Biblical Guide to Interpreting Dreams"
--a book that Emily wishes would exist. I told her to write it.


  1. Hi Dorcas,
    I had a similar experience, although my out-of-pocket was a bit more. I picked up a Le Creuset dutch oven, the same skillet, and a covered sauce pot for $20. All in the same flame orange color. A little scrubbing and they are good as new. They would be over $500 new! I LOVE cooking in them and told my mom that my goal for this summer's garage sales is to find some more. Maybe we'll have to venture out of Springfield. If you have any problems cooking with your skillet, you can find some good tips online. Once I got the hang of it I don't want to use anything else!

  2. Dear Dorcas,
    When you have a few hours to spare go to IKEA. It's just across the hwy from Mall of America ... the big blue building trimmed in yellow with the Swedish flag flying high. I love it! They won't look at you like you have straw in your hair at least. =)

  3. Dawn--Actually, that's just what I did! After I quickly tired of the MofA I went over to IKEA (first time ever) and fell in love with the place. Practical, useful, affordable stuff, most of it pretty in a simple and sleek sort of way. Good stuff.