Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm in Iowa at the moment, posting from my cousin's house. We were at Randy and Shelley's lovely wedding yesterday, and today we're hanging out with relatives.

Unfortunately I have been sick this whole entire trip, with a head cold and wretched cough, not to whine and ask for sympathy or anything.

Here's April's column, about boys.

Happy Easter to all. He is Risen!

Quote of the Day:
"Go home and sit around in your housecoat for a day; that'll do wonders."
--Aunt Vina, on how I can get well. I think I'll try it.


  1. Praying for you as you fly home. So sorry about you being sick.

  2. Loved the column! Love your writing style....

    Maybe you have spring fever?
    (sorry, that was lame)

    Your garden post was what I needed to read to make me think sensibly about not biting off more than I can chew with our garden this summer--I decided to just keep it small with a few "strip gardens" (kinda like raised beds)so we can have a few eat-fresh things, without all the work of a bigger plan, which I was considering...

  3. Your article gave me a much needed chuckle after spending hours on the phone with tech support. I have two boys who are rapidly developing this kind of behavior. [sighs]

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  5. Loved the column--it SO reminded me of my youngest son who once made a fire on our neighbor's shed. He said it was OK because he had surrounded it with rocks-like a campfire in the parks:)He enjoyed taking things apart -- a lot of things -- and didn't always put them back together again! It was never boring when he was awake:)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Blessings, aimee

  6. I really enjoyed your column as I do all of them I've read. They are so true to life. I heard about your books from your MIL's Christmas letter and immediately ordered 2 sets (1 to keep and 1 to give). They are wonderful and I am so looking forward to more. Keep writing, it helps us to remember that we are all going through the same type of experiences, we just can't put them into words like you can. Please tell all the Smuckers hello from the Sherrons. THANKS for sharing with us.

  7. I loved your column. My oldest boy is fairly timid, but his younger brothers are more than making up for it. They are only 2.5 and are already making more trouble than I can keep up with. Like when I converted their cribs to toddler beds and found them using their mattresses as slides. I think I'll have to ban all fire making equipment from the house when they turn three.