Saturday, May 02, 2009


Ever since I got sick with that bronchitis or whatever it was I had in Iowa, my asthma has been awful. Well, my asthma is bad at the best of times, but it has been worse than bad. Which means I break into strangled coughing fits at the worst of times.

I have a feeling when future generations watch the old videos of big family events, such as weddings and funerals, I will be known as That Strange Aunt That Zips Out In The Middle Of The Service With a Red Face And Her Hand To Her Mouth.

I should probably up all my doses and inhalers and all, but I really hate to pump all those meds into my body. Or I should move to Wyoming; that would help a lot.

But yesterday I thought of another solution. I figured out that my major asthma trigger is breathing. So if I quit breathing, I think my asthma would be fine.

Quote of the Day:
[Or: the joys of having an unusual name]
"We are trying to locate Durcus Smoker who writes for the Register Guard. We would like to invite her to our group's meeting June 25th to speak."
--from an email sent to my RG editor


  1. I love the quote. LOL - If you weren't a Smoker maybe the asthma would clear up. You made my day with that one since I always have problems with my name. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. The tears of laughter overtook me again,you hilarious sister-in-law! Hopefully someone in your family knows how to restart the breathing process...or to dial 911!!

  3. I have known of people with asthma that quit breathing, and I believe the they never had any more problems! However, I don't advise you to try it!!! Pauline

  4. Now I finally have the connection - Durcus the Smoker and breathing problems... why did you wait so long to let us in on your secret ?