Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Column

It's about seeing our moms as real people. Click here.

Then you should also check out the story about the Tea Parlour in Junction City, one of my favorite places. The story mentions some Mennonite customers, the Zehr ladies*, but I'm not sure you can see the pictures on the online version like you can the print version.

*My girls think I need to work their story into that nebulous novel someday. . . see, there's this large Derstine family, and this large Zehr family, and the children keep marrying each other. I'm pretty sure the count is higher than the 3 mentioned in the article but I can't remember is it half a dozen by now or what. Anyway, the future plot twist comes in when everyone is matching up couple #7, Bill Derstine and Sally Zehr, and Bill and Sally are determined not to follow everyone's plans for them. . . .


  1. Dorcas, PLEASE go back to that same picture and see if there's a tall skinny dark haired shy miss hiding in the background. Its probably my mother!! - geneva

  2. What a beautiful article for mother's day. One of the pleasures I have had as an adult is getting to know my mother as a person. She has always been extremely honest about herself, so I was able to grow up with some sense of her personhood, but it has been cool to go back and ask about situations that occurred in my childhood and get her perspective on them.

    As for myself. It has taken 13 yrs for me to realize that I am still a person, not just a wife or mother. Now to learn the balancing act of being all things to all people :).

  3. Thanks for the reminder Dorcas!

  4. there is a whole series of pics you can see in the online version if you go to the bottom of the page and click on the images that are under "multimedia" Looks like a NEAT place!

  5. I am new here, my Ohio sis in law sent me your blog address. I have enjoyed the little bit I read today! What a touching article you wrote about mothers!!!!! I printed it out to read again. Could you please email me sometime? I wanted to ask you something- because of where you live. is mine.
    -Mrs. Beachy from TN