Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Mighty Mom!!

Mothers' Day tomorrow, and I already got two gifts: a cute bookmark from Jenny to keep my place when I read on the plane on Monday, and a book from Amy. Not just any book, but a book of Peanuts cartoons, in German! Love it.

I have never had much confidence as a mom but today I realized I have actually learned a few skills these last 23 years. Nay rather, I have actually acquired a few Magic Mom Powers.

1. I can turn just about anything from the fridge into something people will eat. This evening I mixed leftover pinto beans, some cooked chicken, grated cheese, leftover rice, dibs and dabs of old sour cream and salsa, and even a splash of chicken gravy in a bowl. I slapped the mix onto tortillas, rolled them up, and fried them in oil, which turned them into crispy, delicious burritos that the boys ate four or five of.

2. I can look at a girl's picture and tell what she's like--personality, character, quirks. I first discovered this when Matt came home from Bible school and I was looking at his pictures. "Is this girl really dreamy and into poetry?" Or "she seems like she's kind of full of herself," and Matt was astonished. I described every single one to a T, Matt claimed. He was so impressed that recently he emailed me a picture of a girl and asked me to discern her personality and character. I was delighted to. She was a conscientious sweetie who had no idea of the power of her own charms, I said.

3. Everyone wants me when they're sick. What's with this? I can't fix anything; I don't do that much, really. I can fade into the furniture at other times, but when they're sick, I turn into some sort of magic fairy that they desperately summon.

4. I can find almost anything. Including that thermometer that disappeared today. There it was, on the windowsill. [Yes, Jenny's sick and I'm afraid it's strep like Ben had.]

5. I can quote a Scripture for every occasion, or so the children say. My repertoire isn't nearly as large as I wish it were, but I can pull out "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast" when someone forgets to feed the chickens, or "the people that sat in darkness have seen a great light" when someone's reading in semi-darkness and I turn on the light. "I want to be like you and know all these verses," Jenny said today. Ahhh, success.

6. I am the one people call when things go wrong, and they cling to a primal belief that I can make it all better. Missed flights, failed tests, hurt feelings, sore throats--it's my phone that rings.

In honor of Mothers Day I'll forget all the parts of parenting that have me completely stumped, frustrated, and on my knees begging for wisdom. Just for a day or two I'll strap on my Mighty Magic Mom wings and fly.


  1. In that peanuts book, if you come across the one where Charlie and Snoopy are sitting with their backs to the same tree looking opposite directions and Charlie says, "I wonder when dog became man's best friend." and Snoopy thinks "Right after man invented the cookie." Will you let me know what book and such so I can get a copy? It's my favorite, because I had a beagle once with a passion for Oreos, and I miss her, and my copy got lost.... Thanks!!

  2. PS...betcha can't guess my beagle's name!!! (for an oreo...)

  3. Methinks those sessions on your knees just might have something to do with your Mighty Mom Powers. =) Here's to YOU mighty mom! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. forgot to mention the eyes in the back of your head. I got a new pair of glasses but still had my old ones on my desk when my little son asked what they were for. Without missing a beat, my husband told him that the second pair was for the eyes in the back of my head. My little boy looked all over through my hair but couldn't find them.... :)

  5. *Karen smiles
    I love it!

  6. Yay for Mighty Magic Mom Powers!!! LOL

    Happy Mother's Day!