Monday, May 18, 2009

P.S. : G.S.

I forgot to tell you about the Route 50 garage sales. Well, for me it turned out to be "all signs and no garage sale" (a new metaphor I thought up) mostly because I simply didn't have time. On Friday I could only find two sales and didn't see/buy much except for a pair of men's size 13 black Crocs [real ones, hardly worn, with velcro on the strap, worth $50 or so new] for one of the boys. And then I saw, of all things, green Oregon t-shirts at the same sale. Of course I asked Mrs. Garage Sale what the story was with that. Her niece had attended the U of O and one year they all got Oregon t-shirts for Christmas. I got two, for Ben and Steven.

The next day I had only half an hour at most to spare, so I headed out mostly to look for a microwave for Em's "new" house. I went to a park that was full of tantalizing sales, and at the second booth I saw before me a new, in the box, never opened microwave. How much? $30. I rummaged in my purse and came up with $25 plus change. $25 will do, said the nice lady, and I put it in the car and went back to Em's to pack some more, since there was no point in shopping any more since my money was gone.

I heard other people got truckfuls of bargains. I am happy for them.

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