Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For the Locals

Emily and I plan to be at the Lane County Fair today from 2-8pm and Friday from 5-8. Stop by and say hi if you can. We'll be at the Oregon Authors' Table in the main building, in the glass-roofed section.

Also, Emily is having a book signing at our house tomorrow (Thursday) evening from 7-9.

Call if you need directions--541-995-3773.

Quote of the Day:
[Clatter clatter bang] "I hate being short!"
--Amy, in the kitchen, apparently trying to get something in an upper cupboard


  1. Amy, I tend toward tall, which has its own short-comings. I wonder how many brain cells I short-circuited walking through doorways in our house in Santa MarĂ­a, forgetting to duck.

  2. Amy, it sounds like we need another Ladies Beyond Stature meeting. :)