Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Order Books

Various people have asked how to order Emily's and my books, so here's how.

To order my books (Ordinary Days, Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting, Downstairs the Queen is Knitting), mail a check for $12 ($10 for book, $2 for postage) to me at this address:
31148 Substation Drive
Harrisburg, OR 97446

Emily's book ("Emily"):
You can order them from me at the above address for $8 plus $2 postage per book.
You can also order them (signed!) from Emily at the same price, but I'm not going to put her street address here for the world to see, so if you want to get them from her, email her at for instructions.

Thanks to everyone who asked.


  1. I stumbled across your 1st book on PaperBackSwap, and feeling in need of some comic relief, I ordered it right away.
    Mind you, I have a limited amount of patience, and needing ALL of it for my children and their antics, I couldn't spare any waiting for my comic relief to arrive through the mail.
    My curiosity had been roused (I didn't know you were an author!) and I really did need something lighthearted and fun to read at that moment, so I trotted into the Shoppe of Shalom to ask if by chance they had one of the three...and they did indeed.

    I read 'Upstairs' and LOVED it. I made it required reading for my daughter and she is laughing and chuckling her way through it now.

    Then in the mail arrived my second dose of fun, and I loved it too :) Can't wait to go get the last one...but I hope it's not really the last!? By the way, I found your blog through the books and am so happy to discover it.

    My laundry is suffering, though. I don't know how you do it.

  2. Thanks for the info.
    I loved getting your 2 books for Christmas last year from my teens.
    I have a birthday coming up... :)