Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today's Column

Here's today's Letter from Harrisburg. It's a takeoff on the recent reunions.

Also, this happy little notice was in today's paper.

Quote of the Day:
(Today in Sunday school. . .)
Emily: So what do you do if you have this person who just latches onto you like a heavy 3-year-old with their arms around your neck and they always want to talk to you and spend time with you?
Phebe: I don't think it's your responsibility to fix their life!
Rachelle: I think Oregon has found its Dr. Phil. . .


  1. I loved your article on reunions. You put into words exactly how I feel!

    Enjoy your mother/daughter book signing. If I wasn't on the opposite coast I'd be there with bells on! =)

  2. I wish, yes I do, that I could write like this! I just came away from a family reunion wishing I could put it all into words...
    Loved it.