Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

I am at that stage I hit every summer where the little bucket in my head starts overflowing. Here's the family's schedule this week--maybe that'll explain why.

We note that through all this Paul works 16-hour days.

Monday--Vacation Bible school in the evening for me, Jenny, and Steven.
Bob Welch came in the afternoon to interview Emily.
After Bible school Paul whisked me away to the Hilton in Eugene to celebrate our 25th anniversary. (A longer trip coming this winter, we think)
The boys worked their usual warehouse shifts--Ben 6am to noon, Steven 9-2, Keith 2-10.
Matt came home for the night.

Tuesday--Paul took me out for breakfast but had to answer about 10 phone calls while we ate.
Jenny went to the neighbors to find out how to feed the cat and chickens.
Paul spiced up his life by dropping his phone in purple paint.
Jenny went to her friend Kaelin's house overnight.
The boys worked as usual.
VBS again in the evening.

Wednesday--Amy and Emily drove down to Ashland to spend part of two days with Marni, another author in the Louder Than Words series.
Neph Randy came by to borrow our van while they have family here.
Emily had her web show so I sat in Pioneer Villa for an hour and watched and ate, then went to VBS from there.....and in the middle of VBS Keith the nephew called and said he never got his supper at the warehouse, so I had to call Ben and Paul to figure out what was up, and Emily texted me to ask if I'd help her pay to see a Shakespeare play, and Jenny's bee sting was itching like crazy, and a child in another class was found with head lice, and I being the senior mom was pulled aside to give advice
Boys at warehouse as usual.

Thursday--Jenny started taking care of Coffeys' animals while they're gone.
VBS program in the evening.
The girls came home safely after I left for VBS.
The boys worked.
Matt came home again.

And looking ahead:
Friday--We babysit 3 little ones for two days while their folks go to the Freedom Rally in Washington.
I take Ben to Albany for his drivers test.
Jenny feeds Coffeys' animals and also Leroy and Anita's dog--this is vacation season for the neighbors.
Steven's friend Trenton comes to spend the night.
I buy/prepare food for the boys on Saturday.
Boys work.

Saturday: All the boys go hiking--up the South Sister I think.
Emily and I have a book signing at Barnes and Noble.
We take the three littles to their house in the evening to put them to bed.

I feel like if I were still on the sunny side of 40 this list not only wouldn't overflow my bucket, I might even have plenty of sloshing room. But we all know only too well which side of 40 I'm on.

Quote of the Day:
"I guess sacking seed kind of impairs your judgment."
--Ben, explaining why he was limping


  1. My head was spinning--just reading about your week.

  2. Rosy from Plain City8/14/2009 10:56 AM

    Oh, Dorcas! That list is enough to make me feel like going into hiding for the week! I wonder why age makes such a difference, because the irony is that when we start to feel like we could use a little more breathing space, then we hit this time in our lives when scheduling and getting people places where they need to be while doing all our own things starts to be a lot harder and busier than when all we had was those adorable toddlers and elementary age younguns!

  3. Yes, it does make a HUGE difference which side of 40 you're on. I used to be able to keep track of all the activities we had going on IN MY HEAD and hardly break a sweat as we shifted into overdrive to keep up on the particularly busy weeks. Now my energy level is less than half what it was and my memory is...wait, what memory?! I can't remember a three item grocery list any more. *sigh* Oh to be young(er)! I keep waiting for that "second childhood" we hear about...I could use one about right now :-)

  4. what 3 children are you babysitting?

  5. Karen Layman8/15/2009 7:35 PM

    sit down.....have a cup of tea....and polish up that super woman cape of yours. lol

  6. Anon--Michael and Verna's

  7. reason I asked, cause I thought it might be there's cause I knew they were going and I was just a lil' jealous...
    -an aunt of the sweet children-