Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welch column on Emily

Bob Welch was here the other day and talked to Emily about her book. The column is in today's paper. Click here.

And he has a picture of her and a few quotes from the book on his blog.

And in case any of you watched her webcast, please know that we do plan to teach her how to explain what it means to be Mennonite.

(Ok, in case you didn't watch....there was a live feed where you could ask her questions, and someone asked what a Mennonite is, and she was completely flummoxed by the question, which kind of proves the point that Mennonites tend to just do but not talk about what they do, but kind of an embarrassing moment for the mom....really didn't realize she wouldn't know how to explain this.)

But hey, pretty much everything else was articulate, funny, and well spoken, and she didn't panic when the screen went blank for minutes at a time.

Quote of the Day:
"She writes with a wonderful touch of teenage panache."
--from Welch's column, a phrase that will make Emz very happy I'm sure


  1. Dear Mrs. Smucker:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog since you spoke at Newberg Friends Church's Women's Bible Fellowship.

    I wondered if you might share more about the ministry mentioned in this column. My own baby-raising days seem to be over, but I miss them, and I am intrigued by the idea of helping out moms who are in prison. Just the name of the ministry would help tremendously.

    Thank you.

  2. Jennifer--It's New Horizons Ministries, Canon City, Colorado. I think they have a website.