Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Emily the new author is forever checking out how her book is doing online and "vanity googling" every possible combination that would lead her to a mention of herself or her book or the series online. And she is wondering how she can get people to review her book on Amazon, because Debi the editor says that will help a lot.

I check the ranking of my new book on Amazon now and then, and Google for mentions, but not with any great urgency, now that I am such a seasoned author, cough cough.

But you know, I really wouldn't mind having some reviews of Downstairs on Amazon.

Emily thinks we should offer people a real incentive, like if they post reviews of her book, then I get to post something embarrassing about her on my blog, and vice versa. Something dangerous like that.

I think surely there are less risky but still effective incentives, so I bring it to the congregation: if you've read either Emily or Downstairs the Queen is Knitting, what would it take to inspire you to go post a review?

Quote of the Day:
Me, trying to sound up on basketball: So Hedo Turkaglu isn't coming after all?
Ben: Mom, that was big news over a week ago.


  1. Hmmmm, lunch at Cafe Europa maybe? Or realistically, maybe I could do that in exchange for helpful advice and free advertisement on a book for new brides my sister and I are on the verge of printing?

  2. Hmm...well, making the books available for the Kindle would help.

    (No promises.)

    But maybe.

    -Anonymous Coward

  3. Mrs Smucker I just wrote a review for you,4 stars, it should be up in 48 hrs.Love your books and blog! I'm no writer but I do enjoy yours and hearing about your life...I get quite a few chuckles from your group, I have 4 girls myself, so there's never a dull moment! Tell Emily I will write one for her book too,take care. Wendy

  4. I was gonna say I'd write you a good review if you'd send me a copy of the book in return...but something just doesn't sound right with that...can't figure it out....

  5. Uh...a free copy of the book?

  6. I'm waiting to hear the title of the next one. Shouldn't it be something about the "king" next time? Maybe something like "The King Went To Seed."