Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Tooth Fairy, Part 2

The Tooth Fairy
by Emily Smucker
(In honor of Sharon C)

Beware the tooth fairy, my friend
She’s cunning and she’s sly.
What does she do with all those teeth?
I’ve heard many a lie.

They say she turns them into snow
And with a little tooth
She makes a full-size doorknob. Ha!
But me, I know the truth.

She takes them to her workshop
And with what’s left of your grin
She makes a pair of dentures
Then she throws them in a bin.

And from there, the dentists buy them
And they pay quite a high price
And the tooth fairy thinks money
Is something that’s quite nice.

For with money she gets children’s teeth
When they have fallen out
So now you know the truth
Because I’ve let the truth get out.

So old people, beware! Because
When you’re eating a meal
Those "false teeth" chewing up your food
Are really very real.

Quote of the Day:
"There isn't a blessed thing you won't say or think of."
--Sharon C, to Emily


  1. Are you trying to tell us that Sharon is now wearing her teeth? I sure hope so. I dont care what they're made of I just want those teeth in next time I see her! ya got that Sharon Marie?

  2. Oh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is going to have a fit when she gets home from the coast and sees all this.. And Mrs. Darling you even went one step farther wondered if shes wearing them now!!Oh...thanks for my "laugh" for the day!!!!

  3. Oh my! That poem is so Emily.IT has Smucker logic, because it makes perfect sense, combined with imagination that comes only from her. :)

  4. Poor Sharon...I still love you.

  5. I still love you too sharon.

  6. Don't you just feel warm and fuzzy with all this love you're getting Sharon??HA!!!

  7. Dorcas, thank you so much for letting all of us get a glimpse of your family life. The personalities of your children just come to life in your writings. (Of course, that is probably due to your good writing style and experience.) I just loved this poem and wished that I knew someone who wears false teeth to share it with. :) And I also love the quote of the day. Emily must be quite the girl!! You certainly have an intersting life, and I admire your attitudes and perspectives shared here. It is such an encouragement to me at times to come read about your life. Thank you. And also, thanks to Emily for allowing you to post her poetry.


  8. I just have warm fuzzys all over--except for my teeth-I soak those!!:)Payback will be so nice!!I am savoring the moment already!!As for the anons--I'll find you!!!:)

  9. You mean you actully wear them enough to have to soak them? Hm where have I been?

  10. Mrs. Darling--Sharon told me that you don't need any defending and you can take care of yourself just fine. I believe her. Honestly, you two.

    Naomi--When I spoke at a women's retreat in Georgia in 2003 (any chance you were there??) one woman told me that she finally decided my life isn't any more exciting than anyone else's but I just tell about it differently.
    I do think I have unusual children but then I am very biased like most moms are.

  11. Emily, That peom really is good! You just keep this up, jotting down a few lines whenever you get the urge, and I bet some of them will turn out to be keepers, and you will have a great time reading them in 20 years. (And your mother as well - they may brighten her days in the rocking chair! : )

  12. Dorcas, don't bother looking up "peom" on or whatever that was..... : )