Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Yet More Poetry

Matt’s Bedroom Door
By Emily

On my brother’s bedroom door
The entrance to that place of horror
Where people go and return no more
There’s many, many things.

There’s mutilated comic strips
Which might give you some helpful tips
‘bout what comes out of my brother’s lips
in my brother’s room.

There’s articles ‘bout things like war.
I look and say, "Forevermore!"
For I think that stuff is a bore
That’s on his bedroom door.

Quote of the Day:
"48 percent…52 percent…56 percent…"
--Ben the math guy, counting aloud as he put away his prescribed 25 dishes out of the dishwasher


  1. Though I can't nail down any really "hard" similarities, was that poem inspired by "The Raven"? If so, thought you might enjoy version of that poem, written by Poe's cat. :-)

  2. Real good poetry there Emily. Why don't you try writing a poem on your friends mom and then I want to see it?!!! You know d******!!

  3. atthecrux: I saw some:

    "I look and say, 'Forevermore!'"
    "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'"

    "That’s on his bedroom door."
    "rapping at my chamber door."

    "The entrance to that place of horror"
    "On this home by horror haunted"

    Matter of fact, I popped in to make that very comment, but found that you had already. Hmm... we must be related...

    Arlene: I was horrified, initially, to see you swearing, even with asterisks. I then saw that there were too many asterisks... :)

  4. Actually I just walked by Matt's bedroom on the way downstairs and paused to read all the comic strips and newspaper articles on it and then I went downstairs and wrote the poem. I didn't even think of the raven.

  5. Oh my goodness Hans, I was not swearing...!!!LOL!! Guess that will teach me for using asterisks!!!!

  6. Acctually--Arlene-it should teach you to try and take such measures to get one over on your friends!!!!Serves you right!!!DQ

  7. Arlene: I didn't make it very clear, but I did figure out that you weren't swearing after thinking about it a bit. Matter of fact, it looks suspiciously like "Darlene"...