Friday, November 11, 2005


I think it's goose-bump uncanny how God puts adoptive kids and their families together. Remember the story of Paul and the drive-by sneezing? Well, Steven has a cold and he's been sneezing a lot. I have never heard anything quite like it. Very explosive and loud, yet he sounds like he's trying to contain it, and you feel like that poor boy's ears are going to pop right off his head. Then he ends in a wild shriek.

I'm told that yesterday SC went home and told her mom that Mr. Smucker sneezes like this, and Emily sneezes like this, and now it turns out Steven sneezes like THIS. Those Smuckers.

Wish I could've seen her imitations. Amazing the bonds God chooses to tie a family together.

Quote of the Day:
It's like squeaky and croaky put together."
--Jenny, describing her 13-year-old male cousin's voice


  1. Dorcus, I take it you have adopted husband and I have been thinking about adopting, but we want to pray about it for a while to know God's will...
    Do you have any advice or recommendations?

    My Aunt also adopted a little girl, she's probably 12 or 13 by now, but she fits very well in their family, she's from India so she's dark, and my Aunt and her real daughter both have dark hair too. It is amaizing how God put them together when they fit so well!
    Emily R.

  2. Now, now--I think you are on the side of the loud sneezers. I have always told my husband that ear shattering sneezes are a choice, not a necessity. Have you ever heard of anyone bursting their eardrums because they held back a sneeze? On the other hand, I concede, I have never had it verified that people lose their hearing from second hand sneezes--though I have told my husband that if I go deaf that will probably be the cause. His family, too, definitely feel it is hereditary.

  3. Emily--We have five bio children and one adopted. My advice: read everything you can, check out the adoption Yahoo groups, talk to adoptive parents. I have a special place in my heart for foreign adoptions but there are lots of needy kids in the U.S. too.

    Dorcas B--I get enough entertainment from the sneezers that I don't mind the noise...much.

  4. How interesting, we're passionate about a foreign child too! My husband is 1/4 Ukrainian, and I think it would be fun to adopt from there, but we've also thought about Haiti....
    Is there any kind of financial help you can get for adoptions and where do I start looking for that?
    Emily R.

  5. The only financial help I know of is a federal tax credit. We did an independent, low-budget adoption so I don't know much about going through an agency.

  6. Yes the Smucker sneezing has caused quite a few laughs in this household!!!Thanks for the entertainment!!:)By the way,Stevens thank-you note was so cute!!"to Sharons family"!!I loved it!

  7. Yes, there is adoption help available through grants . . . . Do a search for "Adoption Grants".

    We just recently completed our adoption of a 5 year old from Khabarovsk, Russia, and were able to do it in part thanks to two different grants.

    happymom4 from Xanga blogs