Sunday, November 13, 2005


You can read today's Letter from Harrisburg, a nostalgic look at the past month, here.

Quote of the Day:
"How do you say 'Google' in Dutch?"
--Jenny, reading the computer screen over my shoulder


  1. aaawww....good article. i miss amy

  2. Tell Jenny when the Old Order Amish get pcs, there will probably be a Dutch word for Google! On second thought, who's to say some of them don't have them.....can you run these things on a battery, or air compressor? Pauline

  3. Try a windmill! LOL You're too funny Pauline!

  4. Great article. I'm almost crying and I'm not even a mother. :) Maybe it's because I'm 19 and I see all of my friends going away or changing...any way I can have my own adventures and grow up properly, but somehow avoid all the pain of change?? (Unfortunatly, I am guessing that I can't.)

  5. Ok I figured out a dutch word for google, and I am not Old Order Amish..thank-you very much!!LOL!!!
    Air compressors...the very idea!!

  6. Pauline, I detect a lot of sarcasm there.