Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sticker Shock

Some time ago I started taking a couple of puffs of Qvar/Beclomethazone morning and evening and it did wonders for my asthma. I didn't have to use albuterol nearly as often. Up until now I've gotten by on samples from the clinic, but finally a couple days ago the time came to buy my own. One little puffer containing 100 puffs, a 25-day supply, was over $64!

After I got home and recovered a bit I did some research on the internet and found I could get a generic Qvar for 1/3 to 1/2 the price, in Canada.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who get meds in Canada. Is it for sure legal? Do doctors resent faxing prescriptions to Canadian companies? Are these places above board and legitimate?

But for that kind of savings I'm willing to take a few risks.

Quote of the Day:
"Shall I see if a human burp has methane gas in it?"
--Ben, eying a burning candle


  1. I have never participated in any thing like this. However, I have heard about and I think it is okay. I know of a couple of people who have bought some heart medication from Canada at a much cheaper rate.

  2. And Canadians hate Americans with a passion who get cheap meds from them. But you'd be just a number in the system, so who would know who you are. I don't know if any pharmaceuticcal is anymore reliant than any other. I've not done research.

  3. I know my daddy useta but dudn't anymore. Don't really know how cum he quit. I spose it's ok.

  4. Parden me 'gokum' but us canadians don't 'hate' Americans for getting cheap meds from up here.
    As for getting your medication I would be very careful that you know exactly what you are ordering... and really specify what you want. (I.e. Make it clear)

    Hope you can save money... oh yea watch the shipping cost, gets pretty spendy sometimes.

    C.H. A happy canadian. =)

  5. I feel your pain! Three of us in our household are currently on Qvar. Thankfully we've been given several samples, and our insurance reimburses us 80%....It really does help, doesn't it?

  6. Oh Dorcas, You're lucky to get so many samples! Since I developed asthma (from living in a MOLDY house) I've been paying "thru the nose" for inhalers, too. And if it gets really bad, they put me on Advair, which is more than twice as much! I never thought of trying to get it through Canada. Let me know what you learn. Thanks! Pauline

  7. i have a friend here who has had me look it up thru the internet..she gets it for her son thru Cananda..much cheaper..i cant remember the address,can call and ask her for info if you need it.

  8. It is legal for Americans to purchase medicine from Canada if they have a prescription. I don't know anyone personally who has done that but I've heard about people who have come up here for that specific reason. And, no, I don't hate Americans who come up here and do that. :D
    My brother actually just went down to the States for animal supplies(dewormer) as it is such a good deal. The Ivomec dewormer is $400 CDN/5 litres and the generic dewormer(which works the same) only costs $60 US/liter. We like the Americans. ;)

  9. Oh, I love Ben's quote!! Hilarious!