Saturday, November 19, 2005


Well, the chickens are coming home to roost. Many years ago, I came to Oregon and had many adventures which I detailed in long, detailed letters (one was 17 pages) to my sister Becky. Meanwhile, I would forget to write to my mom and dad, who would write me these sad little reminders to please keep in touch...pleeeease??

And now my daughter is in the UAE. (Or, if you will, in Oman. Read about it here.) She sends us sporadic emails, some of them obviously out of obligation to appease her desperate mom.

She also sends emails to Emily. I think they come way more often than emails to Paul and me, and Emily sits at the computer and giggles wickedly as she reads. She shares a few crumbs with me but no juicy, satisfying steaks because of course that would be violating Amy's confidentiality.


Quote of the Day:
"I can't go on TV without my bottom teeth!"
--the Denture Queen. Read about the latest twist in her plot here


  1. Oh, Mom. You just have a runaway imagination. It just so happens that in the last week I have sent you seven emails and Emily one, so you can't complain. :):)

  2. That comment tells it all, Dorcas. To tell you the truth, I know what you mean. One of my daughters lives in Honduras, which has very bad telephone service, on top of very high rates, so we have to depend on e-mail for communication. She has to go into town to an internet cafe to email so that's not very reliable either. I've so often said I wish we could buy her a laptop, and then everyone else in this household who aren't crazy about modern technology remind me that we are so fortunate to have email at all, that if we'd lived 100 years ago we'd not have been able to call her or anything. This way we hear from her at least once a week! But when a part of your heart is so far from home, once a week is so seldom. :(

  3. By the way--your comment of the day has caused a bit of a flurry over on my blog!!!! I'm still laughing!!

  4. Dorcas, I just checked out Amy's latest blogpost - once again I noticed that your children are picking up your writing abilities....

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