Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dog, Again

If you scroll down to the original Dog post and check out the comments you will find a comment from Paul telling what we decided about the famous dog that started that infamous discussion.


  1. The posts from the women about the 'dog' kept me laughing even if I am a woman. Very very amusing. Keep it up. =)
    C.H. (Who enjoys dogs to a certain extent)

  2. Dorcas, sorry I missed that dog discussion, probably was on MD!

    Interesting how these sort of discussions go with you ladies. Kind of like the sister that was commenting on a book over at MD, it was written by a lady, saying that men think differently than women and the poster actually seemed shocked to come to that realization that men DO think differently than women. I commented, Duh, ya think!

    I do enjoy the way you sisters see things. Keep it up here, I need the break from MD. {:^)

  3. Dorcas, I just finished the first dog post and all 55 comments. I laughed until I cried.

    On the serious side, thinking about the "risk" of getting an older dog for your son who has already known so many losses - I wonder if he has ever experienced grief with others who are also grieving. The grief that comes from a common loss may actually strengthen bonds between people.
    Best wishes for many fun family times with the dog!
    The Other Sharon - who loves your blog, but has seldom been here since school started