Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Those of us who like to put on fake British accents know we need to drop our R's, as in "simply chaahhming."

Steven came to us with a basic knowledge of English, with a heavy British/Kenyan accent. He has tried really hard to improve his English and to stick that R sound where it belongs. The trouble is, he now inserts it in lots of places it doesn't belong, as in breakfirst instead of breakfast, Africar instead of Africa, and Barney instead of Bonnie.

Oh well, all in good time.

Quote of the Day:
"When I fill it with gas, it doubles in value."
--Paul's cousin Darrell, describing his wife's car


  1. So Bonnie has a new nick-name now? Hmmm...LOL!!!

  2. Steven also did something else quite cute today--since I'm Emilys "mom" when he said thank-you for lunch today he said "thanks mom" and grinned that adorable grin!!!I guess he thought if Emily could call me mom,so could he!!!:)

  3. I wouldn't worry too much over Steven's "R's" I know some people who were born and raised in the USA that "warsh" their clothes and hands! Pauline

  4. Ha, Ha! I love Darrell's quote! That's sounds just like him! :)

  5. Pauline...do they sit on caches too? (the a in caches has the 'o' sound!!) LOL!!!!!