Friday, November 18, 2005


Here's my statistics guy.


  1. Very handsome guy..better watch out for the girls, Ben!!!

  2. Is this the candle blower?

  3. btw thats a great quote

  4. He definitely looks like he belongs in the family. Dorcas, do they all look like their dad?

    BTW, a while back you pointed out to Matt that his dad is a good speaker, remember? Well, I heard him at Brendon and Ruby's wedding and I agree, he sure is! Probably one of the best wedding sermons I've heard. My preacher father liked it, too.

    I was hoping to meet more of your family at the wedding, but that's OK. After I introduced myself to Paul as a reader of your blog, etc., and we talked about your book (should I get Mom the old version or the new), I realized that, if he at all feels overshadowed by your increasing celebrity status : ) : ) then I probably just added to it!

  5. sheryl--glad you enjoyed Paul's sermon. So far Paul hasn't seemed overwhelmed by my "increasing celebrity." In fact he is rather proud of me and brags about my book when he goes to seed labs and such, and it doesn't bother him when people say, "Smucker? Oh is that your wife that writes in the paper?"
    I have a hard time seeing who my children look like. I suppose they all look somewhat like their dad but I'm the wrong person to ask.