Monday, July 16, 2007

Controversy Time

My friend Arlene loves debate and thinks it's time I stir up some controversy on my blog. Now I seldom have the intestinal fortitude necessary for controversy and debate, but since I love Arlene, how about we get going on the following topics, all dear to Arlene's heart I'm sure:

Birkenstocks: is it a good testimony to look like a Mennonite hippie?

Down on their level: do shorter guys make better dads?

Spic and span: should moms with four young children be expected to wax their floors?

Up on stuff: do Mennonite moms really have time to be news junkies?

Blogs: would a MennoMom's time be better spent waxing her floors?

"Curves": would Menno Simons approve? Would Bishop Troyer?

Gold Canyon candles: do you really need your house smelling like Shirts on the Clothesline Ginger Lime Cinnamon Deodorant Verbena?

Adoption: are the boneheaded people and their comments sent from God to teach us some sort of truth when we're lying awake at 2 a.m. thinking of a snappy comeback?

Debate away.

My apologies if you are out of a few in-jokes here. Feel free to debate anyhow.

Quote of the Day:
"When someone knocks on our door at night, I go get the gun and take it to my dad, and he goes to the door and shoots 'em!
--Arlene's son, in Sunday school, causing the other kids to stare at him with huge round eyes, Emily the helper to hide her face behind the SS papers, and me to do some hasty damage control


  1. Instead of working out at some for-pay place, wax the floors.

    Or run around the house twice with each child.

    Make that And/Or.

  2. DORCAS!!!! I cant Believe you did this!! Words fail me, but to be fair, I will answer your questions the best I can!!
    1. Birkenstocks are so comfortable.. I think they look more like something Jesus would have worn. Maybe Mennonites SHOULD be required to wear them.
    2. Yes, for your information shorter make really good dads, at least I know of one that does!!
    3.As for spic and span,a clean house is necessary but not to the point where you neglect your children. And ignore anyone else that trys to tell you otherwise. :)
    4. Of course Mennonite moms should have time to read the news...we dont all have to be ignorant ...don't even know what our presidents name is, kind of people!! :)
    5. Yes, have you noticed I dont update my blog very often??? Guess what I'm doing instead?
    6. Curves...I think both patriarchs would approve...but the self discipline it takes....ah... thats another subject in itself!!!
    7.Yes...folks!! Gold Canyon candles are really the best, they are cool burning and burn evenly. When you buy these candles you will get your moneys worth. They are also some of the strongest smelling candles on the market and so when you light one of these up, your house will smell...mmm..good! And yes for the record, Ginger Lime is a favorite scent of mine, and you can even get that scent in a auto air freshner. Oh and did I mention that there are over 90 scents to choose from...
    8.Yes I have met some people that have made some awfully ignorant comments about adoption and yes, I have laid awake at night, imagining what I should have said to them. Its therapeutic..really!!:)

    And my sons comment in S.S. We are trying to teach nonresistance, but obviously he hasn't totally connected the dots!! *blushing*

  3. For your info Mark, Going to Curves is not something I do, and my floors are the "no wax" kind. Is that ok? :)

  4. Birkenstocks look kind of strange. Would you wear grocery bags stuffed with cotton balls on your feet if they were comfortable?

  5. There are still waxable floors out there?!?!?!? I thought that they had all been eliminated as an environmental hazzard :-D

    As for Curves, I'd rather buy a treadmill to use at home if I had space for it.

    Now I've never heard of Gold Canyon candles-call me deprived. My current favorite candle is Yankee's "Sunwashed Linen"

    Adoption-as in adopting children? As an adopted person, I have often shared that my "real parents" are the people that sat up with me when I was sick at night, attended my school events etc. I'm thankful that my biological parents realized that adoption is a "loving option" and keeping me would not have been. But please do NOT call them my REAL parents!

  6. Well why don't you ladies come help me snap my beans on the patio and have a dee-lightfully enlightening conversation!
    1. I confess I like comfy shoes-my tastes are stuck in the nineties which makes it hard to find many I really like.
    2. So height actually has something to do with it?
    3.My friend's teenager insists a messy room is more cozy???
    4. Yep, just be prepared for uncomprehending stares when you go off about current issues at a baby shower.
    5.Blogging recharges my batteries so my housework can get done.
    6. Curves? Absolutely. The half hour of my morning for pure girl talk and getting my blood moving.
    7.Dunno.I'm allergic to most scents so even if I think I like one it will most likely sit around collecting dust.
    8.Adoption teethgritters? Let me bow out before I run away with this conversation.My current rant is that there are 12 million orphans in the world and supposedly 60 million eveangelical Christians in the U.S.

  7. (((shock)))) Tina...Birkenstocks do NOT look strange(my opinion of course :))
    And thanks for your ideas of cotton balls and grocery bags...that does sound comfy, about like walking on clouds. I shall have to put cotton balls on my grocery list.:)

  8. I also have a theory that shorter guys tend to have self esteem problems, making them not as capable as a dad. However, when this happens, their wives usually go to great lengths to defend them.

  9. OK sorry Arlene, I just had to make fun of you some more. I really have no problem with short guys.

  10. Well tina, for a moment I about "Blew" into your house to defend my hubby, but then had to just chalk it down as some people must be jealous..wishing that they had a hubby half as good as mine!!
    ( Now seriously...I am teasing, and getting my laughs for the day)

    I also had to think tina, that you should just go out and buy a pair of Birkenstocks and then you would see that they are so comfortable and you would end up convincing yourself that they are indeed very "stylish." *cough-snicker*

  11. Oh and one more thing in defense of my hubby.:0 He is not the tallest guy around, but he IS taller then me, and so that amounts for something. :) In case anyone was interested.

  12. I wish that I went to church with Arlene. I would like to spend time with Someone Else's child who makes comments like that. How...refreshing.

  13. Not a mennonite, but I liked your questions.
    1.As an outsider looking in, I wouldn’t think a Mennonite woman in Birks was a hippie, I would think she was practical and thrifty, since birks tend to last a really long time. Plus they are comfy. I love mine.
    2.Hmm. My dad was tall, my husband is of average height, both are excellent fathers.
    3.Moms with four young children should not be expected to wax their floors. I have four young children and I’m happy if I can manage to vaccum up the cheerios every few days. There will be plenty of time when all my kids are in school to keep a perfect house. Right now I want to enjoy their little minds and get as many little hugs as I can.
    4.Any mom who can keep up with the news should be proud of themselves.
    5.I vote for blogging over waxing any day.
    6.On “Curves”—Our body is the Lord’s temple. Shouldn’t we desire it to be fit and well? (now if my actions would only fit my desires :))I would definitely choose curves over waxing the floors or running around the house twice with each child.
    7.Any candle that can cover the smell of two “dirty” babies is alright with me. My personal favorite candles are from Abba Oils and are scented with spikenard. I also like the myrrh scented ones, but I discovered I have an allergy to myrhh.

  14. Oh, Arlene, I know of a short guy good dad, too. He shoots guys who come to the door at night! Pauline

  15. Thank you...I laughed till tears came over this one, especially the quote of the day. I AM glad other moms deal with this sort of thing too. My 3 year old is FAR from non-resistant.
    1. I like the idea of being required to wear them, especially to church.
    2. The best dad in the world that I know is very tall and terribly handsome, those are definetly a sign of a good dad.
    3. Depends on the definition of news junkie.
    4. Blogs over waxing.
    5. Certainly not, they would say eat less (saving money on groceries) and walk outside for exercise (save membership fees) and then you'll have more money for good things like adoptions.
    6. Yes. Beats the scent of dead skunk on the road outside the front window.
    7. I tend to think those come from an entirely different source, my unkind mental responses are not from God either, I'm afraid.