Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bible Memory Camp

This year ten children memorized Psalm 91, Colossians 3, and Isaiah 53, thus earning a trip to Bible Memory Camp.

We went to a house on Alsea Bay for three days. The weather was wonderful and so were the kids. They tried hard to make it easy for the "moms." Here's Shane sweeping the sand off his feet:
Here we're exploring the tidepools at Yaquina Head.

Everyone got involved in crabbing right off the shore, and Steven and Kyle fished and fished and fished. Below: Sharon and Arlen, the other sponsors, admire Steven's first catch.

As always, we had a sand-sculpture contest. Kyle, Spencer, Steven, and Trenton won the grand prize with their detailed, two-level castle and city. (In the background we see Arlen dashing back to the house for his camera.)
Shane, Ben, and Benjamin made a creative arrangement of a battleship, submarine, and "Mosquito" ship on the high seas. The largest ship was the USS David, after the middle name of all three guys. (Benjamin also won the memory contest, when everyone tried to recall all those verses perfectly.)

The girls, Alicia, Kayla, and Stephie, made a cute princess castle.

After exploring the lighthouse, eating, games, fishing, fun, staying up late, canoeing, untangling buoy ropes, cleaning, sipping coffee, crabbing, Bible treasure hunts, and sitting around the campfire, it was time to go.

Paul piled the last crab rings and things into the trailer.

The boys rode in our van and pointed out Corvettes to each other.

Good memories were made by all. A number of these kids are moving out of the Bible Memory Camp era and on to the youth group, a few after six straight years at BMC. We'll miss them.

Quote of the Day:

"It's our version of Shane."

--Ben, about the little maneuverable Mosquito ship


  1. Thank you for giving of your time to invest in the lives of these young people!! I know it takes effort and energy. Blessings to you!!

  2. That's a lot to memorize. Kudos! My son memorizes a lot of scripture, and kids' brains in that 7-11 (give or take) age group are just made for memorization. Might as well fill it with the Word of God--sure beats some modern music lyrics!!