Monday, August 04, 2008

Note from Southern Illinois somewhere

I got an extension on my end-of-July deadline for my August column, thinking I could easily finish it in my spare time at the convention and in the car while we travelled. Did you know it's very hard to find spare time or to concentrate when you're at a church convention? And it's also very hard to work on a laptop in a car when the sun is shining, because you can't see the screen. It wasn't that hard to concentrate, but it's not much fun to write when you have a towel draped over your head and the computer to block out the light and then the fan, which was barely keeping up in the horrible heat to begin with, expires and dies.

So we are in a nicely air-conditioned Borders store, hoping the fan recovers with rest like it did once before.

And I just finished my column and sent it off.

And I would write more on this post but I was completely freaked out by all the people at the BMA convention who said they read my blog. Yes, you. And you. There is a big difference between real people and numbers clicking on the hit counter.

So give me a bit of time to recover from that.


  1. Ah the disillusionment that comes with fame....=D

  2. On quartet tours I would pinch my jacket in the window to block the light. And sometimes we would cover the entire back window with newspaper. It worked good.

  3. Ah, Dorcas, now you will begin to measure and weigh and polish each word...we want your truly felt thoughts and reactions...that's why we read in the first place!

    One of the Convention "yous"

  4. Every time I post to my blog I'm eaten up with worry. I keep re-reading it from each potential reader's perspective to see if there's anything they could object to. I keep linking to my blog from some other site, then wishing I hadn't...and I'm the same way in real life. I want more friends, then I get stuck with some social commitment and wish I hadn't put myself "out there." Good grief, I drive myself nuts!

    But as a reader I agree with anonymous, I just enjoy your reactions to life in their raw form, your honesty and such.

    I don't think you will see me at any Mennonite conventions so you can rest easy on that front. ha!

  5. NOW WAIT!!!! It doesn't bother you to stand up and talk to all those people but you are freaked cuz they read your blog?!!! Hey look, they've been reading it long already....and it never bothered you before!!! Pauline

  6. I am not a part of the BMA, but I am a former Conservative Menno Conference girl who reads your blog. My mom pointed me to it when you gave your observations on Sarasota. Now I subscribe to your blog because you tell great stories that make me want to meet your family, and I love the fact that a Mennonite woman has such a strong writing voice.

    Also, my first baby was born on your daughter Amy's birthday this summer, and that is just fun.

  7. I'm one of those readers who was at the convention. I was so honored to meet you I mentioned it on my blog. :)