Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Pics

Ok, I am trying to be a teenager here. Note the title; doesn't that sound like a coffeechik posting on Xanga? And I hooked my camera to the computer with this little cord I found, and saved the 192 pictures in a new folder, and resized a few with Microsoft Photo Editor. [applause here]

Ok, we proceed--

First we have this lovely shoe that I think goes wonderfully with a blog called Life in the Shoe. I took it at a funny little shoe store on our girls' trip to the coast.

And this is an opportunity for my kids to laugh their, "Oh Mother, how old and quaint you are" laugh, since I got this picture in here twice and am not sure how, or how to take it out.

These are our hens. I think I would make a good hen. They just scratch and peck and lay eggs and don't have to post pictures on blogs.

And below is Jenny the warrior-princess with her homemade bow and arrow, and before you think Oh how cute and harmless, let me tell you you don't want to get in the way of that flying arrow.

I took this on the porch of our dorm at Erskine College in South Carolina. Doesn't it look just quintessential-Southern--wide porch, rocker, even the cat.

So Amy and I were at Subway in Due West, and these two uniformed men walk in, with scissors stuck in their waistbands. "Why do policemen in Due West have scissors in the back of their pants?" I asked the guy in Subway that knew Amy. He said, "Those aren't policemen; they're paramedics." Oops. But still. I don't think paramedics in Oregon do this.

This is the parlor at our dorm at Erskine. Can you imagine a women's college dorm looking like this? (Hey, I just noticed you can see me a little bit in the mirror.)

And we close with this. The ladies from the Leaburg Library gave me the handmade vase. I made a flower arrangement and Emily said:

Quote of the Day:

"If that was the only thing in your house you could be Martha Stewart."


  1. Yes…paramedics in Oregon do it all the time…lol….even fire fighters… they are a emergency responders best friend.

  2. My husband says paramedics DO carry scissors, but in a special holster....for cutting people's clothes off (or seatbelts or whatever). Looks dangerous to me, but then I have been watching Olympic gymnastics and see people doing things God probably didn't design their bodies to do.

    Regarding Marth Stewart, she must have a storage locker bigger than her house to hold all her "other" stuff, you think? I don't even have a garage, so there is little hope for me. I told my dh that if I ever got to have a "real" car, I would like to have a LeBaron, but it would cost $40,000. He said, "What? They don't cost that much!" "Well, I told him, $20,000 for the car and $20,000 for the garage to park it in!" I do have a little container with a picture of a barn on it, my "hope" chest. Even my 7-year-old" has lovingly added a dollar to it here and there. Of course, he will get a great swing from the peak of the rafters!!

    Dream big, right? I can always park my Big Red (aka "rust bucket") truck in there once some of the hay is gone, so it could technically double for a garage in the winter...if I also build a road to it...The water table is pretty high here in the winter. Can you say "mud"??

  3. Yup, MB (our in-house EMT/PM at HMC in OR) wears scissors like that. Event to church services. "Required," I almost think I hear him tell some of us once upon a time.

  4. LOL at the scissors stuck in the pants. I would have taken a second look at that myself. Does this fella know that you took a picture of his backside???!! LOL Another delightful post.

  5. Miss Jenny would fit in around here right now. The boys have been doing the bow and arrow thing although the arrows are real ones their grandpa gave to them.

  6. As an ER Nurse/Rescue Squad First Responder from SC (who plans on eventually testing for his Paramedic Certification) those scissors in the back of his pants are there for the purpose of cutting the cloths off of trauma victims. Which is why mothers everywhere should always encourage their children to put clean underwear on before they happen to leave the house (particularly if they’re riding a motorcycle, or are disproportionately prone to falling off of high buildings). Oh, and for what its worth thongs are never a good idea particularly if you’re over the age of lets say (50?), and (or) happen to be morbidly obese. Some paramedics in SC carry their scissors, in a cargo pocket on their pant leg. However, the back of the pants method makes for a faster draw time.

  7. I thought of you when I fulfilled a childhood dream and recently visited "The Old Shoe House" near York, PA. It was unbelievably quaint with five levels of tiny rooms and twisty stairs! I felt dissappointment tho', when the only little lady there with a bunch of rowdy children was ME!

  8. You mean you only took a picture of the shoe and didn't actually BUY it to display somewhere in your house? I think that would've qualified as a Martha Stewart move!

  9. I am amazed at how well arranged you have the chicken heads!

  10. Absolutely. My medic friend and fellow premed Brian who serves Amish Co. Ohio, wears scissors in his über-cool medic pants. There's even a neat snap clip thingy to hold them in place. ;-)

  11. About the flower picture, one comment: Van Gogh! Hear ear!! sorry, I could not help it