Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yet More Random Pics

Yesterday I happened to look at the pictures on Steven's camera and discovered all kinds of cool pictures I had never seen before. So I'll share some of them with you. Steven groaned about this but he's actually flattered.

This was during our wonderful snow last winter.

And I don't know when this was taken but I like it:

The following two were shot on Steven's "13 Trip" to Yellowstone National Park. Paul the Proud Papa in the background there of course.
And this one was just cute:

And our final shot is of the two beefy guys I plan to hire as bodyguards when I'm rich and famous:

Quote of the Day:

"I don't mean to be the kind of person that always has to be right. I just always am."

--Emily of course


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  2. You know, Im with Emily. That is so me! LOL

  3. Nice spam on here. LOL

    I really like both posts of pictures. I like picture posts. :) The sun rise or set is beautiful. And winter pictures are always good this time of year.

    Scissors in the back of pants??? I was glad to find they were not police. That would be a little frightening.

  4. Those pictures of Steven's are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. great pics, steven. i especially like the second one.

  6. You ARE famous! Great pictures!

  7. definitely great bodyguards. i think that one's my favorite.:-)

  8. Great picts!

    And for Emily If you are wrong, the first law applies!

  9. Nice fish, Steven!

    Amen, Emily! :-D