Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good News

Dr. Hansen's nurse called today and said Emily's blood sample was viable this time which means it was full of living and not dying lymphocytes. I. AM. SO. RELIEVED. AND. THANKFUL. We will likely never know if the previous sample was mishandled, or if she actually had short-lived white blood cells for a period of time, or what.

(Thanks for all the prayers for her health and my peace of mind.)

We go in next Wednesday to discuss the results of the food-allergy test.

Then on a fun note: Today I got a book in the mail--The Art of Authentic Friendship, by Judy Dippel and Debra Whiting Alexander. On the back cover is a list of quotes from authors such as Kathy Pride, Pam Farrel, and . . . me! They had sent me the manuscript and asked for my opinion and now it's there, condensed of course, on the back cover. Please indulge me if I sound all giddy about this.

Oh, and you should buy the book. It's good.

Then last week I reached another fun milestone when I delegated a much-hated job to someone else, who actually enjoyed it. On one of the hottest days of the year, Amy took Ben and Steven to town and bought school clothes. She even took Jenny along just for fun. Hunting for the right combination of waist and length, and sending teenaged boys in and out of dressing rooms, and driving from store to store to store, ranks, for me, right up there with scrubbing the kitchen ceiling. Bless you, Amy.

Tomorrow we're off to Bible Memory Camp for three days. Paul and I, two other adults, and about ten 10-15 year-olds.

Quote of the Day:
"Honest, practical. . . steps that are actually do-able for busy women."
--me, on the back cover of The Art of Authentic Friendship


  1. Hi Dorcas!

    Just reading your bio I know we could talk for hours...Wow! I was tickled that you mentioned me in your blog! So, since Judy didn't introduce us, I will introduce myself and hope to continue the conversation!
    I serve as the Missions and Outreach Director at Community Mennonite Fellowship where I worship and fell in love with Jesus seven years ago.

    Please visit me on my blog, which links right up with my name in your post!

    Blessings for a wonderful day!

    Kathy P.

  2. awesome news on Emily's tests!!

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  4. Great news for Emily's results!!

    more prayers that the result will keep being great!