Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yes I feel like travelling on

7 a.m. in a motel in Twin Falls, Idaho. Yes, we have been eating up the miles and amazingly enough if you keep driving you eventually get there.

We spent Sunday night in Tennessee somewhere.* The next day was blisteringly hot as we went through Kentucky, southern Illinois, Missouri, the SW tip of Iowa, and into Nebraska. And then when the fan died. . . oh wait, did I post about this last time? The smartest thing we did that day was take that air-conditioned break at Borders. When we got back in the car the fan worked, so we kept it turned down to 2-out-of-4 and it kept us at very-warm-but-not-suffocating and didn't quit again.

An overnight in Grand Island, Nebraska, and then we drove over 1000 miles yesterday, through the rest of Nebraska and into the desolate wastelands of Wyoming. Both Amy and I were reminiscing about past drives through Wyoming in ice and snow--her with the Oregon kids going to Bible school; me with our family and Hillary the niece when we went to MN for Christmas while Amy was in the Emirates. Wyoming is just a desolate, deserted, dangerous place.

Then it was on through Utah and into Idaho, and as we all know, the fine state of Oregon is right next to Idaho. But it's also 360 miles wide so it will take a few hours to cross.

I would certainly recommend audiobooks to make the time pass. Amy picked up a modern thriller on tape at Borders, the kind of thing I would never pick up and read. We listened to that for 9 hours, so lost in a world of FBI undercover agents and bugged smoke detectors and hostage rescue teams in full combat gear and drug lords that a policeman in Nebraska stopped us and said we were drifting onto the shoulder and is everything ok? Well, my personal theory is that that poor policeman was bored and Amy is cute and that's actually why he stopped us. But yeah, that story made the hours of driving go much much faster, and no, I am not going to tell you the title for fear someone is going to take it as a blanket endorsement of everything in it or exclaim, as Jenny did when I got a little Barbie-doll tin in a garage-sale free box to hold my business cards in: "MOM!! The minister's wife!!??"

*Dr. Hans B., I mentally waved to you as we passed through Chattanooga. And all my Missouri relations, I waved at you too.

Thank you for everyone's prayers. Can't wait to see my family tonight.

Quote of the Day:
--signs in South Carolina. In Oregon, it would say Take pride.


  1. Yes, the Twin Falls area and southern Idaho is much different than this northern part of Idaho. Our outdoor thermometer, which is in a shady spot, said 80 yesterday afternoon but we should have high 80's or low 90's today. I don't do well in heat...unless it is beside a pool somewhere with an umbrella and a good book. Blessings as you complete the last leg of this very long trip. V rom n. Idaho

  2. Hey, hey!! You are going to be home just in time for the Scandinavian Festival!! You WILL come, won't you?

  3. Re: QOTD: In the Bahamas, I saw a sign that read "Littering is Stupid. Don't be Stupid!" :o) I'd like to have one of those to hang around the house.

    Happy trails!