Saturday, August 09, 2008

P.S. and Stratus Clouds

Regarding the last post, before you get too worried about our marriage , please remember it was written somewhat tongue-in-cheek and we do have our little rituals that the kids think are gross and disgusting and way too loud. We just don't tend to interlace fingers when we're sitting beside each other. And I don't sit on his lap in public either.

Last night after the Smucker picnic a number of people, mostly toward the younger end of things, camped out overnight. Jenny was going to do this also, but she developed a nasty stomachache and decided she'd rather sleep in her own bed. As we were driving home she looked up at the sky and said, "And plus, it's probably going to rain tonight because those are stratus clouds." And of course we all smiled and thought, "Oh how cute, she's just trying to feel better about not camping out." Because, you see, it very seldom rains here in July and August.

Well. This morning at 6:30 or so I was reading the paper at the kitchen table and the back door opened and three soggy people with their arms full of wet bedding shuffled in. "We got rained out," they said.

And I have a whole new respect for Jenny's scientific abilities.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: Do you think Hansie would obey me if I said 'please'?
Steven: Well, when I say 'excuse me' he moves over.


  1. Congratulations to Jenny for her abilities in predicting weather!

    Could you please ask her what the weather will will be tomorrow morning in Paris (France). I would like to know what to wear to go to church!

  2. Dorcas - I'm so glad to see those real faces at convention didn't scare you off from blogging for too long. I really wanted to be there, but other obligations kept me home. Two of our teens were there and reported a great time - except for the heat! New York has had temps in the 50's this week compared to the high 90's in SC. They brought home a CD from convention - so even though I didn't hear you in person, I was priviliged to hear what you shared. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

  3. I just finished reading "Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting" and heaved a contented sigh. Your writing makes me laugh, forms a lump in my throat and all things necessary for a good read. Besides, having adopted a son, I loved the adoption stories in this book.
    I was at your church this past Spring with the SMBI choir, my husband was the director - (actually I just showed up in time for lunch)and was too shy to introduce myself, now I regret it!

  4. Pierre--Jenny says, "If there are thinnish clouds in the east, it means rain or snow or sleet or hail, mostly rain. Other clouds don't mean anything. I learned that in science."
    we hope you have a sunny Sunday in Paris!

  5. My sister gave me a CD of your presentation at BMA...Dave and I listened to it after leaving Goshen, driving to TN. Thanks so much. I'm hoping I can get more copies to share with friends. Just wish I could have been there to see you... when will I EVER see you again?

    It wouldn't hurt for you to lace your fingers together.. in public... It's a good thing.......

    And Yeah!!! for Jenny!


  6. Thank you Jenny!

    You were right. There was some thinnish clouds. It rained.
    At least I had time to take some night pictures before

  7. Way to go, Jenny! I'm proud of you! I think it's awesome when young ladies take an interest in science.

    * Did you ever stop to think about how strange the phrase "way to go" is? I had fun explaining its meaning to my ESL students after I wrote it on their homework!

  8. That's great Jenny! Drennan also predicted rain by those Fri nite clouds and Dean told him that you can't go by the clouds when you live in OR! Pauline

  9. Our son who is almost 18 and has wanted to be a Meteorologist since he was 10, is the one everyone goes to if we need to know the weather! In Middle School he was the TV Weatherman for the twice a week broadcasts! Once our daughter Jessica asked him what made the sound of thunder rumbling? I was extrememly impressed with his explanation and he was only 12 years old! There's a lot to be said about the powers of observation and reading the signs of nature. Go Jenny!