Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nothing to Post About

I am feeling guilty for not posting more but also feel like a dry well right now.

Here are some potential post topics:

Steven's homework. WHY can't that child get his work done in school?

And how do you reward him when he doesn't have so much homework without shorting the two who almost never bring work home? (Take them all 3 out to Dairy Queen when he meets a certain goal, says the wise daughter from Colorado.)

My column for May. I actually got it done. And wrote about a Mother's-Day-ish theme, one of those situation when you can't write about the hugest thing on your mind (Neil's death) because the time and situation isn't right, so you choose something else and pretend you actually gave it some thought and it matters.

Amy. She and I have been like ships passing in the night. We overlapped for 5 hours (2 a.m. to 7 a.m.) when she came home from Virginia and I left for Montana. Then she left for Amy Loewen's wedding in Alberta about 10 hours before we came home from MT. Tonight at the supper table I realized she had never heard the details of Neil's death, our trip, etc.

Paul's birthday. He's turning 50, and I told him we are having a party, so get used to it, or something like that, [in the fellowship hall after church Sunday evening] but I promised not to embarrass him with a big fuss, but now I have this fear that the MC I appointed might take the liberty to expand things beyond where Paul will like it, or the appointed decorator will decorate intemperately, not that I have control issues or anything. And I am having issues about the food, since I so do love to plan for feeding a crowd and cooking huge quantities, we all know that.

Next week I go see Emily, who has been sick way too much. We desperately need wisdom here, still, again. WHY is she so sick so much in that perfect climate????

My windows are dirty.

And I want to visit my daughter, but I also have this longing to stay home, and it is hard to reconcile all this. And I don't want the daughter to feel bad because I do want to visit her, specifically, I just want to stay home, generally.

Hansie is getting old and stiff.

And that evil white hen keeps eating eggs. At least I suspect it's her, just by the look in her eyes.

And Jenny is afraid to go to Bible Memory Camp this year because "Brian" will be there and he teases her all the time in school and she is so tired of it and when she makes a mistake he laughs at her, him and "Johnny." Oooooohhhhh. It is awful. I can't figure out what's with this. Jenny is Queen of the Snappy Comeback. Where does all her snap and fire go when these boys tease her?

And personally I think they have a crush on her. Or something. Besides, they're just boys.

It keeps raining. I think it will be nice while I'm in Colorado, so I can't work in my flower beds.

And I should be studying for my two talks tomorrow at the BMF Ladies' Meeting at church.


Quote of the Day:
"What do you do all day? Just sit there and think?"
--Paul's mom, to her grandson Byran, whose Ph.D.-in-statistics work she cannot comprehend. Neither can I, to be honest.


  1. I think you should be more honest on your next post. Tell us how you really feel. Really. :0)

  2. On Steven's homework--And don't we all know that the teacher's children should be paragons of virtue in all things academic.

    Sigh. It's been several years, but I remember well the parent teacher feeling in this kind of situation. My sympathies.

    One thing we did for some of our most distractable students was give them a timer to be set for 15-min intervals. With that they got little forms on which to record what they accomplished. Every time the timer went off, they filled out their forms before they reset the timer. One of those vibrating Flylady timers would be perfect.

  3. My windows are dirty, too. I'll pray for you and Emily, especially.

  4. Can so relate to wanting to visit the daughter and yet stay home at the same time! My daughter is going through a very rough time right now and I'd love to be able to be with her. But it's a little hard when 6000 miles separate us. I'm definitely a homebody and there's no place I'd rather be. My favorite part of traveling is coming home :-) Leave the windows dirty. If you clean them, you'll just see all the stuff that needs to be done outside.

  5. I definately feel your pain.....sometimes the "issues" list is so long. Tackle one at a time, pray a lot, and by next week it'll look different. Of course, by then there will be other issues to deal with.......:)

  6. I like the idea of a timer for Steven. I find with my homework setting a timer for even 5 minutes is enough to get me started then I'm ok. When I was student teaching, I had a student who needed a list he could use to check off work as it was completed.

    As for rewards, how about each child having a goal in an area appropriate to him or her.

    Now I need to go and work on a "definition of health" for the paper that's due in 66 hours and 20 minutes :-/

  7. I don't have the answers to your questions, only sympathy! Perhaps if I didn't have children myself, I would have more answers! And I loved your talks at the ladies meeting! That's one thing you can strike off the list, now! Pauline

  8. I think I need to not post comments when I'm stressed - Yikes!