Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today I attended a lovely salad luncheon with about 20 homeschool moms from the Harrisburg/Junction City/Monroe area, including several e-friends such as Kathy and KaraBeagle. The whole group was just plain fun--very welcoming and funny and interesting and affirming. Part of the levity may have been due to the fact that they aren't used to getting together without their 50-some children.

These ladies also prayed for me, my writing, and my family. What a boost.

And once again I was reminded that there are people out there who actually read everything I write, and remember all the details. Once again this has completely freaked me out. Please don't tell me how stupid this is--somehow I get the idea that, yeah, I write but nobody really reads it, or maybe a few people like my in-laws and such. Oh so wrong. Gaaaah! So for the next day or so I will stick to generic information about my life such as, "We had a nice day today and my geraniums are growing nicely."

And then when I am lulled back into thinking Oh well, people probably don't really read this stuff, then I'll describe what it was like to go to the home improvement store last evening, me and Paul, and spend 3 hours planning our new kitchen. Or maybe not.

Different subject: Why was the non-Martha-Stewart Mrs. Smucker vigorously dusting the tops of her green bean and applesauce jars with a feather duster this evening?

Answer: because someone from the Register-Guard is coming out tomorrow to take pictures of them. Not of me. Of my canning jars. For a story on canning and freezing.

You know how media people have their standard people they go to for information? Like Don Kraybill (Graybill?) who is the expert on all things Amish? Well, somehow I have fallen into this strange role with the RG where I am the Expert on all things homey and old-fashioned. Yes, family members, you're allowed to snort in disbelief here.

I thought about sending the photographer to Bonnie's house but Amy said she doesn't can that much any more and freezes most of her stuff.

Quote of the Day:
"At least your life ain't boring."
--Steven, when the home phone and my cell phone kept ringing, one taking off as soon as I hung up the other


  1. It was a delightful luncheon, Dorcas. Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts with us. Some of my friends agreed that you are very brave soul for facing a bunch of strangers in an unknown home. We won't forget to pray for you...

  2. Also, you didn't LOOK completely freaked out! Just a slight bit, that's all...

  3. I pray for Emily as often as I think of her.

    Last Sunday our pastor took a week off and so our assistant pastor gave the sermon. One of the points of his message that has stuck with me is that we are witnesses for Christ because we are Christians. The question is not IF we are witnesses, the question is WHAT KIND of witnesses we will be.

    My husband and I got married in church on a Sunday morning. Those who witnessed our vows were family, friends, and complete strangers. It has never escaped me that my vows to him were not a private thing--that people I don't even know may be watching me. And then, we live on an acre that is pretty visible. It's not technically in city limits, but it is conspicuously visible. It's 85 feet wide and 2 blocks deep. it is flanked by similar properties on either side, and backs up to a 5- or 10-acre parcel that is open pasture, so that our place can be clearly seen from 6th Street as well as 10th Street. Oddly, it feels more open to 10th Street. And to make it even less private, the Methodist Church, who owns the parcel behind us, put a walking path along the perimeter of their propery that is open to the public. So the public has access to the very back of our property!

    There's a lot to be said for privacy. But living in a "fishbowl" reminds me that I am a witness always...When I get cranky, people see it. When my lawn gets too tall, people see it. If I don't get my house painted, people see it. The world can see my blog if they care to...and what I write and say on Facebook is similarly "visible".

    But that has helped me to be the same on the inside and the outside. I don't have a nice face I show to the public and a different home face...What you see is what you get. (I just have to be careful what I say about my family...that it's not too personal...When my son runs for public office someday, I don't want someone digging up something I wrote about him in my blog!!)

    My husband saw the bumpersticker for me the other day..."A closed mouth prevents foot insertion."

    But you seem pretty true, inside and out, Dorcas. Even if lots of people didn't follow your writing; there is a great host of witnesses cheering you on. Nothing we do here goes unnoticed. Jodie

  4. I read what you write....and enjoy it immensely (something about the spelling on that word looks goofy to me but maybe it is just because it is way too early in the morning). lol

  5. QOTD: Just be glad the other phone wasn't ringing before you we finished with the first one...and then vice versa! And as much stuff as you have going, you will never be bored...and you will always have enough of a life that you won't turn into the bulletin police! Pauline

  6. I read what you write and have for a long time. I have read both of your books, and gave copies to my daughter, Lynn, who is recovering from breast cancer treatment (successfully). I am a friend of yours you just haven't met yet! :-)

  7. regarding the levity...of course, we are a LITTLE more serious with out kids around...but we are just as funny. We love each other dearly, and we love each other's children....and trust me, that is a little piece of heaven here on earth! Several of us have children who are a little outside the "normal" range (autism, ADD, and whatever my son is) and our moms and kids accept them and love them as they are, and accept their limitations without criticism or condescension or making fun of them. I mean it when I say our group is a little picture of heaven.