Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ben and Distractions

Ben is 16 today.

I've always wondered what God has in store for him, since of all the children he always seemed to have his life the most in danger. He ran the highest fevers, was in the most peril in car accidents, and had the most near-misses like heavy objects coming so close to landing on his head.

Recently he gave a short devotional talk at church on Sunday evening and everyone from Paul and I on down was astonished at how well he did.

Maybe God has a public role for him someday. And maybe not. Ben loves God and people and that's what matters.


Maybe it's my ADD, but I find it very hard to focus on the subject at hand when I'm talking with people.

Yesterday a repairman came to work on the washer. He clattered around for a while and then brought me what looked like a miniature city on a 6 by 6-inch piece of metal, and patiently explained that this here controls the timer but apparently something blew in this little black thing here that controls the motor, and it'll cost nearly $200 to fix it, and it might not be worth it.

I said yes, umm-hmmm, but I was very distracted by the quirks of the repairman himself. He seemed like he was in his 30's, very shy, and he wore sunglasses the entire time. And I thought, wait, can he really see what he's doing? Why would someone wear sunglasses to fix a washer? Should I bring it up? This distraction was further complicated by the fact that he had his nice blue repairman's shirt, with his name embroidered on it, unbuttoned down to there, and in the bottom of this unfortunate V he had hooked his cell phone. I was casting around in my mind what would motivate a guy to do this. Really now. Was he leading a double life--a quiet repairman in one and a wild biker dude in the other, and this little show of independence was his only crossover? But why the cell phone in that particular spot?

Then this morning I had two Jehovah's Witness ladies on the front porch, and during our nice conversation about nonresistance I was trying not to stare at the one lady's arm. Was it cut off at the elbow, or was it in a cast next to her body, under the shirt, or what?? I tried to glance but not stare. No, it looked like it was OFF. What in the world? I'm sure she had two whole arms the last time she was here. It's not polite to mention stuff like this if she doesn't bring it up but believe me my mind wasn't on nonresistance.

Just fyi, this is why you have to repeat stuff when you talk to me.

Quote of the Day:
Amy: Is that an elk?!? Oh, no, that's a cow.
--text from Emily while the girls drove across eastern Oregon yesterday


  1. I do the same thing when I'm in a conversation. On the bright side, when the conversation is over, you may have actually gotten the facts, PLUS a fascinating panoply of possibilities regarding motivations, interesting background stories, and all the resulting implications. Just listening??? Leave that to people with rifle instead of shotgun minds. Nevertheless, I so wish I were a better listener sometimes.

  2. "Ben loves God and people and that's what matters."
    What a beautiful sentence about one's child! May God bless your son on his 16th birthday.
    Blessings, Aimee