Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jenny is Home!

This morning I threw a few things in the bread machine and a few more in the crock pot, and then I was gone. . . off to pick up the Dear Youngest Daughter at the airport.

Amy had concluded her spots were faded enough that she wasn't a threat to anyone.

I left the house about half an hour before Jenny was scheduled to leave Denver. Amy and I stayed in touch by phone, and the further north I traveled, the later her plane was going to be.

Amy was told she had to stay in the airport until Jenny's plane was "airborne." She saw the plane sitting outside for a long time, and then it wasn't there any more, but no one told her if it had taken off or not.

Then Jenny called Amy on the cell phone she borrowed from the nice lady beside her. Something was wrong with the plane, and they'd have to get off, wait for another plane to land, and then take that one to Portland. We were all glad Amy hadn't left the airport yet, and the girls hung out together until the plane finally took off 3 hours late.

Meanwhile I went to a secondhand store and Portland's famous Fabric Depot. I recently confessed to my Sunday school girls that I am addicted to fabric, so this was kind of like walking back into the bar after an AA meeting. I was reasonably temperate, though. Kind of reasonably.

At the gate, I stood as close to the doorway as I could, prickly with anticipation. A well-dressed man came by and said, "I enjoyed getting to know your daughter. She'll be here soon. She's doing fine." A sweet woman came next. "I so enjoyed sitting beside your daughter on the plane." Another woman came by and said comfortingly, "Your daughter's on her way. She can't wait to see you."

By this time I was nearly in tears. And I got the idea that everyone on that plane had gotten acquainted with Jenny, which somehow didn't surprise me.

And then there she was, escorted by a Southwest guy, who looked at my ID but knew by our hearty reunion, I'm sure, that I was really her mom.

Oh it is beyond wonderful to have my baby back again.

Jenny had plenty to say about her trip. She had prayed that she'd sit beside a nice lady that wouldn't mind if she asked lots of questions. And she was all prepared to share her faith with whoever it happened to be. Sure enough, she sat beside a very nice woman. Jenny asked her if she's a Christian, and it turned out that she was not only a Christian, but a former missionary to India and on her way to Thailand soon! So good fellowship was had by all.

Quote of the Day:
"Scared? No. Why would I be scared?"
--Jenny, when I asked if all the flight delays and such had bothered her


  1. GREAT news!!!
    Blessings, Aimee

  2. RE: QOTD...your Jenny is clearly a unique and special individual...I have no doubt that she will change her corner of the world, where ever that shall happen to be! =D

  3. Glad you have your "baby" back :-) She's just gathering her own stories for the day when she'll join the other females in the family and write her own book :-)

    When our daughter was 11 she traveled by herself to visit my sister, and had to go through Newark. Her flight was delayed, delayed, finally canceled and she spent the whole day at the airport before they found her a seat on a late night flight. I was a wreck but she had a thoroughly wonderful time hanging out with the airline folks. It's actually a great memory for her (and with time, I finally quit twitching every time I think about it). LOL