Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jenny n Me

This is Jenny's philosophy of life: If I jump, the universe will catch me.

Sometimes I watch her, amazed, because her outlook on life is so different from mine at her age. I firmly believed that I was on my own and no one was going to be there for me.

Which explains in part, I think, why I freaked out so often, such as when we were on a trip and I was very briefly separated from my family. I knew deep in my 7-year-old heart that the others were all going to go blithely back to the van and head for Kansas without me, and no one would miss me.

So it is very redemptive and even vindicating to have a daughter who knows in her heart that no matter what happens, someone will take care of her and everything will be ok.

Quote of the Day:
Ben and Jenny were cleaning out the shed and found an old can of dog food.
Jenny: What's the expiration date on that thing?
Ben: September 7, 2007. Hey! That's the day before the Ducks beat Michigan at the Big House!

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  1. Hahahahahahaha. All I can say is, there's only one Ben in this world :)