Tuesday, July 07, 2009

News: Happy and Sad

Something happy happened yesterday:

My new books came!! The title is Downstairs the Queen is Knitting. Due to a communications glitch I only got my 12 free copies and not the big boxful I thought I ordered. So I can't send out all the pre-orders for a few weeks yet. If you want to order a copy, send me an email at DorcasSmucker@gmail.com.

Interestingly, I birthed my third book the same day as my third baby, only 19 years later. Happy birthday, Emily!!!

And then something sad happened:

My dear old cell phone wouldn't call any more. So today we ordered a new one. No one seems to understand why this makes me sad and I would rather use my old one all my life.

Oh well.

Paul, who is not given to exaggeration, said,

Quote of the Day:
"It's probably one of the oldest cell phones in the country that's still being used."


  1. Yeah, me too, I don't like new cars, new phones, new computers, new anything, thankyouverymuch!

  2. did it weight 4 pounds? We still have an old one (not digital, so doesn't work) hanging around as a toy somewhere. It could double as a weapon!

  3. My husband had to buy me a new cell phone and I miss the old one. I at least knew how to use it.

    I understand the pain of your loss
    of the user friendly old phone.