Thursday, July 09, 2009

If Only All Book Reviews Were Like This

Yesterday I got a Facebook message from Catherine Y. who had just got my new book. I loved her "review" and got her permission to post it.

Hi Dorcas - Just thought you'd like to know how things go at your loyal reader's house when a new Smucker book arrives:

12:30 UPS package from Amazon arrives, addressed to oldest son. Mom wonders if this could this be the book he promised for her birthday. Resists urge to call him at work.

1:30 Son arrives, confirms package. Mom rips it open in glee and rushes to the bathroom, where she can have five minutes of peace.

Reads first chapter. Laughs. Cries. Thinks maybe there is hope for my crew. After all, the first one does seem to be growing up.

Rejoins family. Tells 16 year-old daughter she laughed and cried. Daughter rolls eyes. Two older boys groan.

Tries to get back to work. Sneaks breaks whenever she can the rest of the day. Tells 15-year-old the "rub it where it hurts" story. She laughs and says maybe she'll read the book if all the stories are like that.

11:00 p.m. Tries to get business done on the computer so she can go to bed and... read.

Smiles and congratulations,

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  1. Sounds like what I need this week. Should I order from Amazon or is it better to order from you. I think I remember that it is better from you directly. Please email me how to do that. email to - THANKS! Looking forward to it.