Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Good News

Emily and I are both birthing new books this week--she expects hers on Thursday. It is a rare and wonderful thing to experience this with my daughter. She's planning to spend the month of August at home and we have a couple of mother/daughter events planned, which I think will be way more fun than doing them by myself.

Here's the flyer for the fair. If you scroll down far enough you'll see us down with the S's.

HCI is doing a lot of publicity for Emily's book and the two others in the Louder than Words series.

Here's a book trailer on YouTube.

I am excited about my book, but I am over the moon about Emily's.


  1. Sis Rebecca says, I am so so so so proud of you both!! Cant' wait to get my hands on both of your books!

  2. Sorry mom, I took the website link off. I just got an email from Debbie saying I'm not supposed to direct people to the website yet, since the content hasn't been approved by HCI.

  3. I enjoyed the book trailer for Emily's book! But I was disappointed to see it wasn't her pic on the cover of the book! Was that what she wanted?

  4. ribbit98--none of the 3 covers picture the authors. In fact, the authors had nothing to do with the covers, which is why Emily's looks a bit un-Mennonite!