Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh. My. Word.

Ok, this is kind of scary, when one day you're spouting off on a blog post that nobody will read anyway, and then the next you show up on Southwest Airlines' website. (Read the comments)

Quote of the Day:
"He looks like he's either high on caffeine or else he injected steroids into his eyeballs.
--Ben, about basketball player Tyler Hansbrough
(Note: Dear Readers: no need for this to go on Mr. Hansbrough's website)


  1. They should have been in the "hall of Shame" for that one, it was not your fault that your child was sick, there was no reason to not switch that ticket for you. I'm glad they got wind of it and fixed it for you!Points for the power of the blog!Hope she's feeling better!

  2. Some things are good about a world where "big" people can't so easily hide their despicable acts now that "little" people can have an internet voice and an audience. You didn't take things quite as far as the poorly served musician passenger who is writing songs and making videos about his experience. The only one I heard/saw was "United Breaks Guitars." I'm not averse to such recourse.

  3. :D

    WV: redness -- a real word!!!

  4. This is what comes of being famous!!! Was going to ask if you heard about United...but Mrs I beat me to it! Pauline

  5. Apparently you're more famous than you thought! :-D

  6. Mmmm Hmmmm Big Brother is watching! =)