Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ernesto and Matt

Living in the northwestern part of the U.S, in a mild climate, 75 miles inland, with a mountain range between me and the ocean, I normally watch hurricanes in the Caribbean with the same distant interest that I do blizzards in North Dakota and tornadoes in Kansas. "Hmmm. . .yes. . .terrible. . .Let's see, is there any more news on Floyd Landis?. . .Oh dear, I hope Elizabeth won't marry Anthony.

But now I have a son in Jamaica on a 2-week mission trip, and Tropical Storm Ernesto is grimly bearing down on him, expected to hit as a Category 1 hurricane tomorrow morning.

"God, great controller of hurricanes, I have a son down there, you know. Please take care of him. Oh yeah, and all those other people too, heh heh. But they're probably used to this stuff, living there and everything."

Quote of the Day:
"But now we won't have anything to make fun of!"
--Emily, after Paul's and my efforts got the BMS student contract to omit the "necking and petting" part and replace it with something about Godly dating boundaries


  1. Ah, but you can checkup on Floyd news with my roundup at


  2. D--P.C. in VA ia praying for your son's safety. I have a vast understanding of anyone with a mama-heart! Oh, and I forgot to mention in my final haunt that I was including a picture. It was taken in Feb. '05 after R.'s ordination.

  3. Laughing at your prayer. It's so real.

  4. Tammy, How can an old MBS chum leave a message on your blog if I don't have one of my own?? (Apologies to you, Dorcas!)

  5. Hey, Matt might meet two girls from our area down there. That's if he meets anyone with Jamaican Relief Ministries, which operates an orphanage/foster home. I recommend them both! :)