Friday, August 04, 2006

A Great Marriage

Last night a young man asked me what makes a great marriage and if I have one.

This is one of those things that you don't think much about, if you're like me. You know it if you see it, and you miss it if you don't have it, but to actually sit down and evaluate and define...well, I'm too busy to do much of that.

I said, without thinking it through, that a great marriage depends on the little things. I think the questioner wanted something more profound than that, but after thinking it through a bit more I have the same opinion.

Unless our selection monitors (as Dr. Laura calls them) are really bad, we take care of the big issues before we get married, and so end up at the altar with someone who is in the same league as us regarding faith, children, money, morals, goals, church, and values.

From then on, it's the little things that make a marriage great, medium, or bad. Does she say whatever pops into her mind without filtering it? Does he ignore her? Do they study each other's love languages and act accordingly? Does she respect him? Does he ever surprise her?

So do we have a great marriage? Well, as Amy says:

Quote of the Day:
"You have a great marriage until the dog gets lost."


  1. "...until the dog gets lost." Yes, little things.

  2. i absolutely agree! as one about to get married in 52 days, it's encouraging to read things like this!