Sunday, August 13, 2006

Up for Air

Whenever my sis Becky visits I enter this strange mental state where I am completely oblivious to the world around me and all I want to do is talk with her. I don't notice newspapers all over the floor, I forget to return phone calls, and getting packed up to go on a picnic takes almost more mental skills than I can muster.

Then she leaves. And I cry. And then it's like I come up for air after a long deep dive. Oh, mercy! Newspapers all over the living room! Jenny's clothes on the office floor! Rotting peaches in the pantry! Dying flowers that need watering!

It's time for to-do lists and schedules and catching up with my family. Time for reunion preps and sewing school clothes. Time for buying groceries.

In the last five days, Becky and I covered almost every topic imaginable, including the fact that we even dream alike--vague, frustrating dreams where we're back in high school and can't find the math room and we realize we're two weeks behind and the teacher's going to give a big test today. My twist on this is that in my dreams I also always have small children at home with no babysitter.

Becky left after church this evening with Byran, who's headed back to his life at Penn State, and Matt, who's going on a mission trip to Jamaica for two weeks. Since she couldn't make it to Leonard's funeral, Becky's going to spend a week in Minnesota now.

Quote of the Day:
"You look more like Dorcas than Dorcas does!"
--Heidi M, to Becky. It is flattering (to me) to be told that Becky and I talk alike, laugh alike, and look like twins, although no one ever put it quite like Heidi did.


  1. Thanks for taking good care of my wife while she was there! She loves you immeasurably, and can never get enough of your company and encouragement. Thank for your being a blessing to her and thus to all of us. And hug your daughters and pass on my thanks for making her feel like a wonderful Aunt!

  2. Yesterday afternoon i pulled out the literature from church to read thru and imagine my pleasure when i turned the page and out popped an add for ORDINARY DAYS........ we are all so proud of you! Molly wants to save the article and over the mic announce that this is her aunt and everyone needs to read the book!

  3. I enjoyed reading this! And I guess I also had a little twinge of -- well, whatever it is--- because not all of us have sister relationship like this. But it was great hearing about it... I smiled about becoming oblivious to the condition of things you usually see.
    Have a good week.

  4. Where did you find it? Interesting read » »