Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun Stuff

Becky and I have been talking nonstop.

Last night we went on a bike ride.

Today we go garage saling.

Also, yesterday my book was ranked 66,803 on Amazon, the highest ever. (Hey, don't laugh, it's out of 4,000,000.) (Now, how can I get someone to post a review there?)

And it got mentioned on the blog of a woman in my writers' group.
(Hey, if you post a review on Amazon I'll mention you on my blog.)

And Robert Rhodes at the MWR said this:

Quote of the Day:
"By the way, the story on you is STILL No. 1 for the month so far, still plugging away on the MWR Internet hit parade. Clearly, someone out there is wondering what you are up to. Of course, there are a lot of Smuckers in our world, as you know so well. I just hope this will translate into book sales for you."


  1. As a wannabe published writer I follow your reports closely. Oh to be part of that great land of published authors. Oh yeah I've ben published inmagazines and church papers but book published? Never! I live vicariously through you. I'd glady write a review but I dont have the new book to read. Could I write a review on the old book and could anyone tell it wasnt the new one?

  2. Yes, Mrs. Darling, you could comment on the old book and it would be just fine. Just don't refer to these chapters: Yemen, FAQs, Grandma and the Media, Quilt questions, and there's one more but I can't remember.
    Thanks and all the best to you.