Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MWR Article

Here's the Mennonite Weekly Review article I mentioned a few posts ago.

Quote of the Day:
"Perhaps with the help of your link on your blog, our story on you is now the top hit-getter for the month so far on our site, even outpacing Floyd and his shenanigans. Not bad considering your story has only been online a day or two."
--Robert Rhodes, editor of MWR. (Thanks, everyone who clicked on the link)


  1. Moral of the story: Do feature pieces about bloggers.

    *hint, hint Mr. Rhodes*

  2. um...Dorcas...maybe your blog should have some drug tests done! Passing the winner of the tour de France is no small feat! Could you possibly have done it without having a higher level of banned substances than he has?


  3. Merle--I guess my little bottle of orange progesterone pills is coming back to haunt me.