Monday, August 14, 2006


First, let me say thanks to Donna who was the first to post a review on Amazon for me. Donna has had a special role as a mentor for younger women for many years. I first met her when we went to Canada in 1986 to teach at Stirland Lake High School. I had one baby and was as green as grass in motherhood and missions. We didn't work in the same area as Bob and Donna but whenever our paths crossed she had a subtle and beautiful way of encouraging me. She has also served as a counselor and in other areas of ministry, but she touched my life as a Titus 2 woman.

Donna has written four books. Order them here. Read them. They are good.

Second, thanks to God for his protection, sometimes in spite of ourselves. On Saturday Becky and I took the children to a park in Salem, where we met our brother Phil and his family. The boys and Jenny took their bikes along. Just before we left home we had a slightly heated exchange about taking helmets along, and I insisted that they take theirs even though Ben emphatically didn't want to.

At the park, we adults sat around the picnic table and the kids took off. Some time later, Zack and Steven came back on the two bikes. Far behind them came Ben, walking slowly. "Ben wiped out," Zack said offhandedly.

Well. It turned out they had been racing down an asphalt soap-box-car track and Ben's front wheel hit Zack's back wheel and he crashed. He had nasty scrapes on various joints. . . and a broken helmet.

"It would probably have been a concussion, at least," said Becky the nurse.

Quote of the Day:
"Thank you."


  1. What joy to find you in the top right corner of the print version of Mennonite Weekly Review today! By the way, what is in the background of that photo? A road, a river, or something else?

    The Other Sharon

  2. TOS--It's the Willamette River.