Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What I Do For Excitement

Recently I talked to someone who saw something while on vacation that could easily be construed as a terrorist activity in the making. I thought it should be reported. They weren't so sure, but finally consented to let me do it without mentioning their names.

So I got all the details (date, location, etc) and found the FBI website and the page for reporting these things, where they wanted all kinds of information first--your name, address, email address, and who knows, maybe even your mother's maiden name.

I left all the slots blank but typed in my story in the box at the bottom, then clicked 'submit' and to my surprise it submitted with no more questions asked.

But then, the FBI being what it is, they can probably trace it back to my computer with all that hidden software that Microsoft uses to see where your email forwards go so they can send a donation to St. Judes Hospital. If you see two dark-suited men showing up on my porch one of these days, I'm probably going to get hauled in for questioning.

This all feels very cloak-and-dagger and mysterious.

Quote of the Day:
Pigga: (looks wet and mad on porch)
Jenny: (pops in kitchen door with satisfied smile and water bottle)
Me: Were you spraying Pigga or something?
Jenny: (flippantly) Oh, I was just cooling her off.


  1. Dorcas!!! Exactly down my line. How come YOU get all the excitement??!! HUH? :)

  2. A couple of weeks ago, I was scanning the MWR for news about Floyd Landis (I grew up a few miles up the road), when I ran across the article about you and your family.

    We are now faithful readers, having read all of your previous posts. We are looking forward to reading your book.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. There are times when reading that I want to look away - it's as though we are intruding.

  3. If you see two dark-suited men showing up on my porch one of these days, I'm probably going to get hauled in for questioning.

    When did you discover (tucked into that hollowed-out knot hole in your mailbox post) the webcam trained on your front porch? Or wait a bit. Maybe by you you didn't mean me. In that case, never mind.

    As far as how "they" will find out your identity, they might rely on your blog entry for today. It might turn up as a hot lead when they run their daily keyword scan of the Web.

    Have fun.

  4. Well, CNN might find you faster than the FBI. :-)

  5. Wait ... I thought they used that technology so Bill Gates would send us all to Disney World when the forwarded email reached the 1 millionth person.