Friday, December 29, 2006

Bonnie and Choice

This evening I got a phone call from my SIL Bonnie who was calling all the way from Florida where her family spent Christmas with her twin sister Connie's family.

Bonnie called to tell me that she was in a little Amish restaurant, and in the restaurant was a Choice Books rack, and on the rack was a copy of. . . my book!!

Bonnie, like many other people in my life, knows that I have been waiting anxiously to see if Choice will carry my book on their racks, since getting endorsed by them means that the numbers fly off the charts instantly, since Choice often orders thousands of books at one go.

So Bonnie, bless her heart, saw my book in this little Florida restaurant and not only called to tell me about it but also made a sales pitch for it to the people at a nearby table.

I like Bonnie.

Quote of the Day:
"Why did the guy die? Because he saw a bag that said 'marshmallows' on it so he ate them but actually the marshmallows were made of mud!!"[shrieks of laughter]
--Bonnie's 5-year-old son Trevin, who likes to make up jokes. I like him too.


  1. Congratulation, Dorcas! I promise to buy your book if I find it remaindered out here. :-) We live near their HQ. :-)
    Sorry about being a cheapskate. :-)

  2. Maybe you could have a drawing for your book and give away a free copy to a faithful reader. :-)

  3. Hey ! My dad works for Choice books...Oh nevermind! I don't have any influence.:)

    I wasn't going to be pesty and here I go leaving another comment !

  4. Cindy--leaving comments is not being pesty, at least in my opinion. Are you sure you don't have any influence with your dad and Choice?? Maybe a nice chocolate cake for dessert??

  5. My dad is a diabetic so we can't go the chocolate cake route. Hmmm. Thinking...of possibilities...and open to suggestions ! :)

    Now I am wondering where my mom bought your book. Surely Dad got it at work. I will get to the bottom of this !