Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"So you're Paul's wife?"

This is one of the most accurate essays I've ever read about what it's really like to be a pastor's wife.

(Thanks to Matt for sending it)


  1. Dorcas, except for a few spots, that article sounds like you wrote it! Pauline

  2. I came to the comment box to comment, and found that Pauline said the exact main thing that I was going to say. The Other Preacher's Wife's writing style is so-o-o-o stylistically similar to yours! You could be published in Newsweek. I think she is a friend of yours, waiting to be found.

  3. I really do believe I would have a new friend if I met that lady. Its so refreshing to know that there are still "real" people around. And yes..her writing style is very much like yours.

  4. The article is great! thanks for sharing it!

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