Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've taken a rash of mortgage-telemarketer calls today. Every caller had a distinctly un-American accent. Yet almost all of them, if I let them get that far, told me their "name," which was always very down-home American--Adam Smith, Bob Wilson.

Only of course, it was, Hello Meesuz Smooka, my nem eez Bob Weelson.

Why on earth do these people, who are probably named Ashram or Pradanth, feel compelled to tell me they have some mid-Iowa name?

They'd be much more interesting to talk to if they actually told me the truth--for example--"My name is Marjar Paroji and I live in India and I am spending all night making these calls to help put my brother through college even though I hate my job." Then I'd listen. And if they were selling something worthwhile on commission, I might buy it just to help them out.

But I'm not gonna listen to a guy who claims he's Adam Smith and obviously isn't.

Quote of the Day:
"Probably your thing for your hair would work."
--Steven, eyeing my hairnet while figuring out how to catch minnows in the creek


  1. Oh Steven!!:) Very good thinkin there.

  2. Hello! This entry cracked me up, I totally agree! I'm soooo excited to have found your blog! I have been reading "Ordinary Days" for the last 2 weeks and I'm in love with it! I now have been reading to my husband every night before bed. He has decided that he wants to move in with your family! I will write to you more later, I need to go to bed now, but I'd like to chat more with you, I graduated from Harrisburg High School in 1995!
    Thank you!

  3. Probably they don't like telling you they are Adam Smith or whatever any more than you like hearing it, but the boss insists. If I can understand the telemarketers, it's not too bad. It's the customer service reps who are difficult to understand tat get to me. One time our auto club tried to send us a tow truck from Plymouth Minnesota when we are in Plymouth Michigan! It wouldn't have been so bad if my husband hadn't asked the guy THREE times are you sure this is a tow company from MICHIGAN?!? With three older vehicles we were WELL acquainted with the tow companies in our area :-D

    Another Mrs. S